RoS commencing!


RoS commencing!

The clans were landing all around him. Korras’ own AT-AT, Tenderfoot, had just been landed, and would serve as a mobile command post. Taldryan was deploying their artillery pieces, and their AT-AT’s, along with their AT-ST’s and TIE-tanks, with Shadow looking for something to thrust.

Scholae was underway in getting their Juggernauts ready for battle. Serovich had insisted on driving one, and his chatter (“VROOOOM! VROOOOM! DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA!”) could be heard on the radio.

Naga Sadow had just deployed their vehicles, and Goat was already complaining about the TIE-tanks. Tarentum was digging a hole apparently to fill up with ale. In all, the clans were making themselves at home on this planet.

The opposition apparently was ready. Some skirmishes with droids had already been reported, and reports of armor moving up did exist. Furthermore, some Krath had devined that a small group of spaceships were underway.

Having already briefed the clan summits, Korras expected them to be able to perform their tasks, but still expected some conflict between several clans. ‘All the better’, he thought. ‘It will keep them sharp’.

Pressing a couple of buttons, he transferred a map to all dark jedi, along with orders to inform the OHC of where they would be fighting, after consulting their clan summits. Those would inform the OHC which sectors they were focusing on, so he could better coordinate the efforts.

He felt all was ready, and closed his eyes, sending out a message to all force sensitive on the planet. “All is ready. Attack!”

Yup, it’s started. Feel free to bombard me with questions. RoS info can be found here, most notably scoring info, with more coming over time. Consuls, please inform me what sections you will be fighting for within the next 24 hours. If I do not get anything before that, I will be picking two sectors adjacent to yours at random.

Individual members, after those 24 hours, you can contact me, and inform me in which of the sectors your Consuls picked you will be fighting. This is NOT mandatory, merely optional. Refer to the scoring document for info on this.

ACC will be used, but not yet. Only as soon as clans get in conflict one another will this be used. Special events will arise during the RoS.

And yes, with this, the start-off shot for the RoS has been given. The next update will be on the coming Sunday. Until then, gaming is allowed AT ANY TIME for the RoS. Normal rules still apply, however. You need to be present in #gmrg. If this is not possible, you should inform me of this, and have a good explanation why. You should be available without hassle to play others.

Games allowed:

Every Sunday (coming Sunday will also be the first update, on that note) Nova’s for the top three of those games will be announced. Along with CF’s, these will be awarded at the end of the RoS.

Report matches through the database, selecting the ‘score type ‘other gaming’’ function. This will distinguish the matches from anything else.

XWA, XvT and Allegiance, and GB have a good chance to be part of the special events, with special points attached.

Happy gaming.

What?!? No Glactic Battlegounds?
/me sulks in corner :P

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