Gaming Nights on Hold


Gaming Nights on Hold

RE-EDIT: Dalthid informed me that it would probably be easier to put the ACCLive on hold because the ACC is having a competition during September. Sorry for the confusion (blame Korras)

Due to the Rite of Supremacy the Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday Gaming Nights are now on hold for probably all of September.

There are a few reasons for this. The first is that most people will be concentrating on reporting their matches for the RoS, and Jac has clearly stated he doesn't want any double reporting (ie: playing one match and reporting it for two things) The second is that the match report form doesn't distinguish between "gaming night" and "other" games. So it would be near to impossible to separate that many matches and reccommend CFs for them.

We all have the RoS to deal with now and it's basically one longass gaming night so there shouldn't really be any problems. CFs will be rewarded at the end of the RoS, as well as whatever other items/medals Korras is awarding.

As for Khobai's GMRG Crucible. Any matches you play this coming Thursday (and I'd assume other Thursdays as well) against Guardsmen you can still report directly to Khobai to earn yourself an Elite Cluster of Fire. Remember to send him an email about any such wins against guardsmen ONLY.

Good luck and have fun with the RoS.

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