NO, for obvious reasons with the scoring system, it'll not be allowed to play people from your own clan. that will lead to too much abuse.

also, maximum amount of games played per day against one person is 6, with 3 being the max per game.

finally, for JA, the only server allowed as of now, is the SA server. more might follow.

with MP in the scoring document, I mean team and CTF matches. for those, players from the same clans should be on the same team as much as possible.

yes, and wins/losses against them, will be counted for the clan. however, those rogues (as well as DC'ers) do not have such a ranking system, and will not gain anything from matches, beyond CF's and Novae.

Will Rogues be able to participate in regular MP matches and what not?

Aye, perhaps for the RoS we stick to "official" maps as well as perhaps no tinkering with settings and what not. Just keep everything basically "plain" so that there are no problems in connecting

You think, since we can only use the SA as per your rules, you can make sure that the SA server is using the default maps so ALL members are able to join. Or at least post approved maps and where we can find it so we don't have to go chasing Dessan when we want a game.

Im getting sick and tired already of trying to join the server and not being able to because i don't have the maps, and this is only the 2ND day!

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