Medal submitting changes.


Medal submitting changes.

After talking with my Praetor, we decided that for sake of clarity any medal requested as a competition award needs to contain a full link to the competition details to be approved.

I.E. :

With future enhancements to the DB site this will let people browsing medals to open directly to the page with the data for the competition the member has been awarded for, a function that is not working today.

Bout time you returned Khan! :-P

The plan was never to make it convertible to the Rebirth database. We're still operating on the assumption that we're going to use this database - we'll keep doing that until we actually have a Rebirth database.

Anyways, Jac has made some changes to the system after we made a similar request a couple of days ago. I'm not entirely sure if the policy has changed, I'm waiting for Khan to decide.

Khan / Kaek:

I see where you're coming from but this format might actually backfire once we're on Project Rebirth as all those links would then be inaccurate (no more .asp pages, so no chance the new competition page would have the same name). Data conversion might also prove quite difficult and time-consuming in that case, especially if not every link is perfect standard HTML (we all know how lenient IE and Firefox are when it comes to not-quite-HTML).

How about an alternate suggestion that maybe costs a few minutes of coding time but is future-proof:

The medal submitter enters a pseudo-tag like [C xxxx] with xxxx being the competition ID. The display script changes that into the correct link. This way, the PR display script could still read the tag and just make something else of it.

James/Cybey: Feasible to make this mini-upgrade between your Rebirth coding ?


Dude, I've been back for a while now =P

I had always believed this was the on-going policy...too much time spent in the TC I guess :P

I understand your reasoning Kaiann but as soon as Rebirth hit the web we'll have more dettails to work on. For now this policy remain, all medals competition requests will need a full link.

Well, Jac seems to have picked up Kaiann's idea, so a comp id will be sufficient in the future.

Would be kinda silly to have the whole links when they are not compatible, no?

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