3 x Days Left: Find Orv's Killer


3 x Days Left: Find Orv's Killer

Fiction: Find Orv's Killer (Competition)

Reminder: Our favorite Orv is dead. Someone named Esoteric put a saber through his chest. Who helped him? What type of conspiracy was this? Did Morotheri really know what was going on? Wait a second did Esoteric or Orv say "you betrayed us"? Submit your fiction and explore who/what/where/when/why happened to beloved/dead Orv.

Original Competition Announcement:

This Fiction Competition is a tie in event associated with the Dark Brotherhood Plot Update.

Orv Dessxr d'Tana has been murdered on Nar Shaddaa and you have been tasked determine the whereabouts of the extraction team that was assigned to bring him home.

Were they involved? What do they know? Who else was involved. Details for the competition can be found in the competition center.

  • Note: This competition is exceptionally vague in some areas. I understand that you don't know the messenger that showed up. I understand that you don't know what Society I'm talking about. I trust you to fill in the details. Have at it.

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