Sad News


Sad News

I know that Langis is from this clan and that she loved it here. Unfortunately, it is not her writing right now. I am Langis' brother, John. Kristin is her real name. She has died from a lung cancer that my family had thought she had beaten. But the chemo couldn't get everything. She stayed in the hospital for the past three weeks, before the Lord took her to heaven. To all of those that knew her, I am sorry to tell you this news. She had left a notebook of stuff and this ID and password were in it. I felt it necessary to tell you all instead of wondering what happened to her, since she had talked so much about this organization for the past year. She practically lived in the DB. If you could, spread the word around the DB please, but don't talk about her in sorrow. She would have hated it. Best regards to all. I leave you with one last thing from Kristin. She wrote this in her journal the first time she was diagnosed with lung cancer: "Even if I die, people shouldnt feel sorry. My short time on earth is more than enough for me to live. But if I miss things after I die, then it will probably be my friends. They've have gotten me through so much crap that I could never do alone. It's nice not being alone."

She isn't alone. God is with her.

John Fletcehy, Proud Brother of Kristin (AKA Langis)

For those of that wish to say something plese feel free to visit the thread in the message Board that her brother started.

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