On behalf of Venquis:

Hey all, the link below is to the main thread about a potential new Freeworlds Guild in the Brotherhood. I suggest that anyone whose remotely interested at least take a read in it and see what they might like.

Please send any questions, suggestions, or concerns you have to DJK Venquis Arcanum ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) as he's running the project to establish a Guild for FW (if the requirements are met).

Thanks, everyone!

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  • Venquis

Sorry to sound like in the third person a tad in that post... LOL

But my post stays the same :)

The game is a LOT of fun and It is my opinion that with enough interest, I can convince the Admins of the 24/7 RP Server to restore to me my old faction, and let me use it as I see fit.

There would also be a way (if this goes through) that Freeworlds could be used as a full platform for the ICTE and/or Gaming Nights... but that'd be a system to be developed by myself and the relevant people, assuming there is interest.

This has a lot of potential, and is a LOT of fun.

If you have any concerns, or ideas, or just whatever, send me an email. If you don't have a base copy of Freelancer or you aren't sure about it or how to go about it, send me an email, please. Don't disqualify yourself on those grounds alone, email me first!

Thanks! :D

yeah you can count me in sounds like fun, a potential MP game for Gaming Nights and ICTE perhaps aswell.

I'm in. As long as it's got a stable amount of members and activity going in, and as long as we go in with a firm plan and structure, I'll hop onto the bandwagon immediately. I used to be the faction leader for the Privateer Fleet in early 1.65, so I know what it takes to run a Faction efficiently, and in the PF's case, what it takes for it to fall apart at the seams.

Heh good job Tarax - Yeah I would also advocate checking this out. I'd do it myself but not when I'm so busy. I had a lot of fun back in the day playing this but it can be highly contingent on getting a lot of active compatriots.

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