New Arcona Consul


New Arcona Consul

Hello all,

This is probably one of the harder decisions on Consul that I've ever had to make. I've had lengthy discussions about who to choose and talked to the final two contenders personally about the spot. I apologize for the delay: this was a hard choice...

Dark Side Adept Corran Halcyon Arconae is once again the Consul of Arcona.

Between Hald and Strat, there were a lot of things to consider in this decision. I talked with both about some goals that I wanted to establish fgor the clan. In talking with Halc, I think that he will be able to lead Arcona well toward those goals. Strat is a great Proconsul and he and Halcyon will do well together; I am confident of that.

Congratulations, Halc! Now get to work!


Halc you two-bit hussy.....<3

It was sorta obvious. :P

And I'll need to have some words with you Halc... about something you told me last year regarding you and being CON. :P

Anyway, 'gratz.

congrats, brotha!

Grats. Here's hoping they'll do a good, active job - I won't be around to bandage things next time :P

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