Sunday Tournament Qualifiers


Sunday Tournament Qualifiers

yes, I know I am late with the results. however, this sunday and the last tournament will be released in one big update.

basically, what's been keeping me busy, is an extended items list to pick from. it includes Droids, for example, even for personal purchase. the list will also make updating it a hell of a lot easier, it'll spit out the number of CF's to recc for each person, for example. so, basically, if I ever vanish of the face of the earth, it'll just be a simple matter for someone else to take it over.

in other words: yes, I'm slow, but it'll be worth it.

Arania Lawakiro Palpatine (Krath) [11]

Manesh Sadow (Sith) [705]

JKast (Sith) [3168]

Tarax Eosphoros Kor (Obelisk) [3239]

Quejo Bandon Xyler (Sith) [4215]

Ma`ar-Tyrius Bruth'Kothae Ga-Tir (Sith) [4334]

Uzbad Zol Tamalar (Krath) [4438]

Braecen Isradia Kunar (Krath) [4520]

Venquis "Nemorga" Arcanum (Obelisk) [4838]

Aabsdu Dupar al'Tor (Sith) [5580]

Laurus (Krath) [6041]

Sagara "Hitokiri" Mifune (Sith) [6059]

Famosus Aspicio (Krath) [6124]

Apollyon "Odium" Dinaarius (Sith) [6610]

Wa'ash "Menace" Cruentus Jal'daan (Obelisk) [6689]

Cethgus (Krath) [6705]

Aragorn Tara Dreamwalker (Sith) [7103]

Terad A-Dona (Krath) [7181]

Zekk (Obelisk) [1688]

Welshman Corsair Tarentae (Sith) [3206]

Ylith 'Valheru' Romanae (Obelisk) [6092]

Corran Halcyon Arconae (Sith) [43]

al`Lan Mandragoran (Krath) [297]

Telona Murrage (Krath) [351]

Frosty Romanae (Obelisk) [4017]

Dakari Tamalar (Sith) [4601]

Korbin (Obelisk) [4835]

Thran Occasus (Sith) [5101]

Archean "Shazwazza" Bruth'Kothae (Sith) [5949]

Impetus (Krath) [5951]

tyfarius (Sith) [6953]

Fayt (Sith) [6957]

Reven Zemore (Sith) [7125]

and the ICTE list:

PRT Riv "Rage" Monn

OE Benevolent Taldrya Whiner

DJK Jaysen

SW Schisca Archaon Azytzeen

Obelisk Prelate Duga Arkarso

JH Morgan Glyndwr Arkarso

Jedi Hunter Wolvie "the jackal"

DJM Sarin

KAP al`Lan Mandragoran

SW Horus Blackheart

DA Acxodim "DV" Pyralis

DJK Ylith 'Valheru' Romanae

PRT Ruach

DJK Somnus "Lucius" Vect

DJK Venquis "Nemorga" Arcanum

Go git'em Uzbad, Sagara, Famosus, Corran and Telona! :P meh - haven't been able to cheer for anyone in a while :)

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