ICTE Results 01/28/2005


ICTE Results 01/28/2005



Overall this week's ICTE has been somewhat successful. 17 DB members participated, 2 members from GE and 2 members from RS showed up. However, the pleasant news is that we had much more team matches played than last week. However, to boost up ICTE activity I will be running a special event next week. You will hear more on that in my next ICTE reminder, so look forward to that. I would like to give a word of thanks to Pyralis for helping me with the score submission and Duga with news posting. And now, the results!

Clan Participation

Arcona - 1

Naga Sadow - 3

Plagueis - 4

Scholae Palatinae - 3

Taldryan - 3

Tarentum - 1

**ICTE Crescents

**<span style="color:#660099; font-weight:bold">Cr-1A</span>:Ylith - 25.17 Clusters - ALL-STAR<span style="color:#3300FF; font-weight:bold">

Cr-1S</span>: Lucius - 16.17 Clusters<span style="color:#009900; font-weight:bold">

Cr-1E</span>: Pyralis - 11 Clusters


** The ICTE website has been updated with the new spreadsheet, schedule, and All-star. Clusters have been awarded by Pyralis. If you have any questions or concerns about ICTE visit the website or email me. Also The ICTE website has been updated with the new schedule and BFII server, so check it out!


Clusters have been recced so check your mailbox frequently. I was overall pleased with activity this week, and I hope to see a lot of team matches played next week aswell. There will be a special event, but I will not reveal what it is just yet, look out for my ICTE reminder closer to he end of the week. Thats it for now!

ICTE Website: http://icte.starwarsalliance.com/

IRC Guide: http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/irc_guide.asp

How can Pyr get a CR-1E? I thought that everyone needed more than 12 CF's in order to qualify for Crescents, not just the all star? I haven't played in a while so I guess I could be wrong...

Actually, on further investigation, you made a typo here... Pyr got the requisite number of CFs, you mistakenly wrote his number of wins instead...

yeah Merlance it is he has 13 Clusters. I would edit it, but I wont for the fear of screwing it up, and the newspost becomming double spaced :P Thanks for pointing this out, he has 13 CFs.

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