From the Shadows of the Academy


From the Shadows of the Academy

Well well well two news posts in the seven days. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Like I said in my last report a few new exams had been sitting in the wings and now its time to release the last of the bunch.

I would like to thank Macron for his hard work in making both of these exams possible. So without further ado.

Sith Alchemy

Lightsaber Basics

So make Macron do a lot of work and take the exams.

Now on to some other thingsĀ…

It has been awhile since I have released anything on Dark Lore. Well after a good amount of work with Jac and Kaiann, I have some more details on Dark Lore.

There is a good bit more to Dark Lore in terms of fiction and other specifics. But this should be more then enough to wet the appetite.

While I am still on the topic of Dark Lore, there are others who have earned a degree and many others who are well on their way to earning one. Today however there are two members who are to be awarded with Degrees.

Dark Jedi Knight Sato Bruth'Kothae is this day awarded the Degree of Dark Savant.

Warrior Mononoke " Macron" Keibatsu-Goura is this day awarded the Degree of Dark Maven.

There are others among the Brotherhood who have taken their first steps to earning a Degree. While the details of earning a Degree are a closely guarded secrets of the Shadow Academy and Grand Master rest assured that we are always watching.


His most Gracious Lordship, Spears the, Knight First Class

Headmaster of the Shadow Academy

Right Hand of Justice

Mastersmith of the Sith Order

Master Architect for the Brotherhood

Thrice Marked of the Wanderer

Baron Ale Pond: Keeper of the Estadian Expanse

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