Pyralis promoted to Dark Jedi Master!


Pyralis promoted to Dark Jedi Master!

Perfection. Effort. Efficiency. Caring. Friendliness. Wisdom. Honesty. Loyalty.

When I write these statements I try hard to find a theme that fits the person. I try to find something that defines them. For most people it's easy -- there are one or two character traits that set them apart from others, discernable at the first glance.

For Pyralis, how do you choose among so many outstanding qualities?

You can look at his works and see the perfection that he strives for. In everything he does, Pyralis gives 110% effort. He marks everything with a touch of professionalism that has been sorely needed in the Brotherhood. He leaves no detail undefined and always gives the best product that he can. Pyralis is a perfectionist in the true sense of the word. It is a trait that so many others lack and that I appreciate greatly.

But I also appreciate his effort and his efficiency. Pyralis has an initiative that matches my own. He does not wait to be assigned a job - he finds work to do. He looks every day at what the Brotherhood is and what it could be, and takes active and appropriate steps to make responsible changes. In the past two years since Pyralis has returned to activity, he has sought out more projects and finished more tasks than most members will do in three to four times the length of time. In the past few months especially, Pyralis has branched out to help so many DC members with projects; his presence is felt everywhere. The list never dwindles; as Pyralis finishes one task, he has already found the next two or three.

He and I often talk about "why". Why do we do the things that we do for the DB? For Pyralis, the simple answer is that he cares. He cares not only for the structure of this club, for what we do and what we stand for, but for the members that make it up. And to them he is friendly. Pyralis will never shy away from lending a helping hand. He is always there when you need him. He wants the best for all and is willing to sacrifice anything to give this experience to others. Sometimes when you care that much it hurts. Pyralis, more than anyone I know, hates to see anything go wrong. But also, unlike most who are upset with things, he is always there to help fix it. He is constructive in his actions.

And in his efforts he is wise. Years of experience have taught him well. Many different positions have given him insight into every facet of the club. He has a foresight that I always seek out when in need of advice, and his solutions to most problems always lead to a better result.

That's what we need here more than anything: better results. For years we have gone and done the same things without definitive change -- and we were not honest with ourselves about the lack of progress. Pyralis brings a stark honesty that is refreshing. He tells you how it is and doesn't hold back what he is thinking because he's afraid of your response. He examines a situation and puts his common sense to work without hiding or pulling back from the swings. It's something that we've needed on a lot of our initiatives and I am grateful for the honest advice.

Pyralis is loyal. Not just to his friends and clan, but to the Brotherhood. Should I ever become inactive while still sitting in the position of Grand Master, I know that Pyralis will be the first to stand up to bring me down. He knows what the Brotherhood needs and will stay loyal to the cause of advancing our interests. He will be a loyal friend, but he knows enough that blind loyalty without honesty is a facade. His loyalty to our cause is genuine and true.

But none of those qualities are his best. To me, they all add to a single defining factor that makes Pyralis one of the greatest members ever:


Pyralis envisions the Brotherhood as it should be. He is never ever satisfied with the status quo. We can do better. We must do better. If it isn't broken, Pyralis will make it better anyway. He wants this place to be the best possible and will do what it takes to get us there. Pyralis, much like me, is in search of the day when he can be content with his surroundings. He wants a time when he can sit back and say that his job is finished. But his ideal nature, the driving force behind all that is Pyralis, will never let him be satisfied. It drives him. It motivates him. Sometimes is discourages him. But that's what makes it real -- a true love for this Brotherhood now and forever, and a push to make it forever better.

Pyralis, the Brotherhood is forever better for your continued presence, and I am forever greatful for your friendship.

After three years as an Adept: rise tonight, Master.

Lord Jac Cotelin


Nice done, Pyr. Don't think anyone can disagree with this elevation. Thanks for everything, codechimp!

Woohoo! Yay Master Pyr! Now get working on Dark Prophet!

Was about time :o) Congrats Pyr. Don't ever stop doing what you do.

And hey, this means it's time for another silly ACC battle hehe.

Congrats Pyr :)

dang nabit! :P

now i have to cancel all those 'down with DA Pyralis' signs.. because I can't just change 10000 signs to say 'DJM Pyralis'...

dammit XD


congrats, pyr :P

on another note...

because of Pyr's elevation from DA.. he is no longer a Dumb Ass XD

congrats Pyr!

bout time.. :D:D

Stay off the roads!!! Oh, wait... wrong warning.

Guard your bananas! Congrats, Pyr.

Pyr -

Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for caring. The Brotherhood is formed by people like yourself.

This is an elevation long overdue.

I am a man of few words.

*Walks away

Congrats Pyr, I remember who first welcomed me to the DB and showed me the way.

Not only does Pyr do lots of fantastic work, but he does it in a way that means more fun work and activity for all those around them (even if it's just reading a super long document). Thankfully he lends you some of his buckets of enthusiasm and effort to help you get by.

congrats Pyr

Huzzah! This is well deserved my friend.

Yaaaaaaay Pyr!

I can't think of a witty comment right much time in class.

Congrats, Pyralis.


Congratz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111 :D

Congrats Pyralis!

Congrats Pyr, well earned and deserved.....

I want to thank all of you and still many others who have congratulated me on IRC. Special thanks goes out to all of you who had a hand in this recommendation. Your words were very meaningful to me and I will read them when things are looking tough and I need to find some inspiration. All of you are what this club is all about. I can think of no group of people with whom I would rather serve.

Such overwhelming support from an extremely diverse group of people is something I never really expected. That alone, by far, makes this the most meaningful reward I have ever received and probably ever will receive in my SW club experience. I know that I have never achieved so much in the Dark Brotherhood.

On that note, there is so much more out there that we have yet to achieve together as a club. Looking back over the last couple years, so much has changed and improved in this club. Yet, when I look around me, I still see so much that needs updated, rewritten, and built. I wish I had time to do it more quickly.

On Antei's empty horizon, all I can see are the hopes for golden cities--dreams yet undreamt; unlimited darkness--progress unhindered.

Welcome to the DJM club. :-)

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