Gaming Nights and Sunday Tournaments


Gaming Nights and Sunday Tournaments

**Sunday Tournament Items to buy List**  

Sunday Tournament and Special Gaming Nights

Ok, the list is offical. If you or a clan would like to purchase anything I need a email from you [Log in to view e-mail addresses] Make sure to include your ID line so I know where to give them to. Please pay attention to the Droids there is a max to what you can own, and what a clan can have. The ships and vehicles are open to anyone.
I will also be posting the Qualifiers for Sundays Tournaments on Friday Afternoon prior to 2:30pm CST, and I would hope that Lucius will add into it for the ICTE people.

Please remeber that the channel for the Sunday Tournaments is #GMRG, and they will take place right after ICTE ends.

For those new to Sunday Tournaments, the rules are posted Rights of Combat,
and also SIT Rules

If you fail to be in the GMRG channel on IRC, I will not validate your points, nor CF's for the event. This is a outstanding rule as well for Gaming Nights too.

I will also be posting the results on the Forums Board SIT Results for the time being till the SIT site is finished, then you will need to go there for the listings.

I usually have the points and CF's tallied by the end of each event, and will reccomend the medals at that time as well, the only way this will be delayed is if I happen to be gone and on leave.

If anyone happens to have any questions feel free to email me, or send me a pm.

Thanks, Smoke20

Thanks to Duga for pointing out three mistakes...they are fixed now

AT-PT is added
and two persoal items now have points totals

I will also be adding stuff later on, but for now there is plenty of goodies to go around.

If you have ideas throw them my way and I will consider them.

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