Happy birthday to Jac, Happy birthday to Jac!


Happy birthday to Jac, Happy birthday to Jac!

the GM has his birthday today, be sure to say happy birthday to him. :)

on a side note, the GM wants presents, too. send what you are giving to him. mail to jac and me, 3rd level crescents for the best three entries. have at it. :)

details are here.

Long Life GM Jac!! :P

/me shoves Jac's face in a birthday cake

Happy B-Day

jumps naked out of a Birthday Cake

Happy birthday!

runs away

So, how old is Jac? And how long do you want the comp thing to be, just a sentence?

Jac Rules!

Congrats to the GM :D

gives a cake with lightsabers instead of candles try to blow them out! :P


w00t congrats Jac!!!!!!!!1111one

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday, dear Jacky! Happy Birthday to you! Now wish that I get a Golden Saber and blow the candles. :P

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday you young pup :P

Hap-Hap-Happy Birthday Jac! Here's to your long life!

drinks a shot of vodka

Mazel tov, Jac. Hope your birthday is filled with drinks, wings, and hot girls! Have a happy one, Jac! :-D

:: takes a shot of sake for Jac ::

Happy Birthday Jac!

Have one on me!

Happy Birthday!

w00t! Happy B-day Jac!

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