Moons of Amphor


Moons of Amphor

Over a dozen smuggler outposts, including many located on Amphor's moons, have been eradicated by the GMRG. These smugglers have been traced back to Gethsemane and are believed to be solely responsible for the uprisings that occurred there. Fortunately the smugglers were wiped out before they could precipitate the same thing on Amphor. By order of the Grand Master, all of the captured smugglers were immediately executed, making further investigation into this matter impossible.

Several large caches of spin-sealed Tibanna Gas, along with other rare gases imperative to the continued operation of the Dominion, were found in the smugglers' possession. Evidently the smugglers' ultimate plan was to acquire a substantial quantity of our own precious gases. After inciting widespread insurrection on both Gethsemane and Amphor, the production of these gases would be halted indefinately, and the value of those gases would drastically increase; at which point the smugglers would then sell the gases back to us for ten or possibly even twenty times the actual value.

These smugglers were extremely well-funded and possessed intricate knowledge of the Dark Brotherhood: including system charts, hierarchy reports, and logistical information that should only be available to the Dark Council and various Clan Summits. How the smugglers obtained this information still remains a mystery--although due to the obvious implications, perhaps this mystery is better left unsolved... at least for now...

The final results for the Gethsemane Incident are still being tabulated and will be posted on the GMRG website soon.

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