Monthly topic reminder


Monthly topic reminder

Uncharacteristically, it seems that the poem is the much more popular MT this month. I just want to quickly remind you that there's also one (or rather two) stories. Go and write - at the current submission rate, you have good chances at a medal. And remember, deadline is the 11th, 11:59 PDT.

Here's the story topic to remind you:

Story: Change one thing

Think back to the times of the split. Now, at this turning point of history, change one detail. Maybe someone gets killed during the Exodus, maybe one person in the seven is replaced with someone else, maybe Ronin does dismiss Astatine... Now, with that one thing changed, come back to the (likely quite different) now and write a story in the changed universe.

(Since there's been a few justified comments that not everybody might know their way around the split history, you may substitute another important event in your DB history. Since that's however a completely different piece of cake and not really comparable, I will judge those entries separately from those dealing with the split. You can enter separate stories for both versions of the story topic if you want.)

Please place the explanation of the change you made at the END of the story, not at the beginning. (You don't need to explain it as part of the story, a separate explanation is fine) Ideal stories will depict the new universe well enough that the change can be deducted. This should be a serious (and likely anti-utopic) story.

Minimum 2 pages (7000 characters)

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