April 2nd Sunday Invitational Tournament Results


April 2nd Sunday Invitational Tournament Results

**Sunday Invitational Tournament Results**

Clan Arcona: 952 points

Archean (+15)

Strategos (+27)

Smoke/Ma`ar (+8)

Jeax (+18)

Xaviar (+7)

Lucius (+11)

Clan Naga Sadow: 1458 points

Xayun (+6)

Clan Plagueis: 763 points

Clan Scholae Palatinae: 1029 points

Xan (+5)

Wolvie (+6)

Rasilvenaira (+17)

Clan Taldryan: 2291 points

Menace (+14)

Duga (+3)

Clan Tarentum: 1931 points

Frosty (+3)

Sunday Invitational Top 5 winners

<font color="#FF00FF">1st Place: Strategos with a record of 20-7</font>

<font color="#0000FF">2nd Place: Archean with a record of 15-0</font>

<font color="#00FF00">3rd Place: Menace with a record of 8-6</font>

<font color="#FF9F55">4th Place: Smoke/Ma`ar with a record of 5-3</font>

<font color="#FFCCFF">5th Place: Xan with a record of 5-0</font>

All medals have been recc'd and awarded....thanks, and see ya all on April 16th

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