Cementing of Alliance


Cementing of Alliance

Cementing of Alliance

On Behalf of Clan Naga Sadow and Clan Tarentum I come before you today with the following Announcement.

The signs are becoming clear that there is trouble on the horizon; the Elders have been sensing a Great Disturbance growing in the Force for some time now. With these Dark Days approaching without pause the Clans of Tarentum and Naga Sadow have decided to cement their current Alliance. May our foes tremble before our combined might.

many thanks to Trev for the following
Continuation of Alliance

I get to party with Spears! Coolies!

It is sad that I have to learn such important news about my clan through this format.

Very cool. I like the piece.

Hmmmm do I sense the beginnings of a Vendetta or GJW?

That is one of the unfortunate side-effects of being on the Dark Council. You tend to get left out of the loop.

I hope so...

I look forward to flying along side the Sith of Tarentum who thru out my time as a DB member have been respected as top notch pilots, I am very obliged for the opportunity to do so.

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