Training Sabres and the ACC


Training Sabres and the ACC

Those below DJK, who have fulfilled the DB requirements for attaining your Training Sabre, may use them in the ACC. To so so, you must update your CS. The ACC rules have been addressed to say that members below DJK ‘may’ allocate points to lightsabre (which opens up the Banlanth Form) so you can use your training sabre. Combatants must actually do that if they want to use Training Sabres in battle. Be wary of them though, there are 3 sections which address the training sabre: The Weapon and Ground Combat Guides and the ACC Rules. In addition, the Banlanth Form is the only form that will be available no matter how many points you put in Lightsabre, it will be 'blacked out' (un-editable for those below DJK) with a standard skill but it will process when the CS is approved.

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