Efficacious Dispersal of Responsibility II


Efficacious Dispersal of Responsibility II

Translated: we are creating two new Tribune positions.

In the Amalgamation process, I always stated that we were going to try some things, see how they work out and then re-evaluate where we stand after a couple months. Well, it's been a few months, we've re-evaluated and have come to the conclusion that we need two more Tribune positions.

The first is DSC Tribune. This position is already filled by the one and only Trevarus Sadow. He will be responsible for the continued development of the Dark Side Compendium.

The second is a new position of Fiction Tribune. This is the matching position to Gaming Tribune and will be taking over responsibility for the Monthly Topics and the Writer's Corner. The Fiction Tribune will also need to hold other creative fiction events.

Goat and I are accepting applications for the Fiction Tribune position until Wednesday, May 3rd at 11:59 PM EST.

If you would like to read a bit more on these changes (which I encourage you to do, especially if you are interested in T:F) please check out the Efficacious Dispersal of Responsibility II document (.doc).


That's why it's called the "Leadership Manuals" in the links of the page. In fact, I think out of all of the different resources we have, the Alacrity is the only one we do that with. If we really wanted to make it simple, the Codex should be "New Member Handbook", the DSC should be "Big Fiction Book" and the Covenant should be the"DB Constitution".

But that's no fun :)

Anyway -- I'll try to reference things in more practical terms for the folks.

With all of the talk about load times and picking a layout that will be advantageous for everyone, and even the recent mention (from Pyralis) about misunderstandings and such surrouding "Alacrity" by way of ridiculous, "intelligent-sounding words," could we go for the cheap versions of names? Say, you know, the nickel version, instead of the quarter version?

"Alacrity of the Commander" gets a big "HUH?!" from the audience, whereas "Leadership Manuals" gets a relaxed, "Oh, yeah, right; gotcha." Not to look down upon, or demean the people who like to overuse a thesaurus, but shouldn't we be looking for "understanding" in what we do?

Re the fiction tribune, I feel the need to say: ;)


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