Layout Poll Part II


Layout Poll Part II

I know the first one isn't over, but I want to get this we're having a vote off between the Cyris Sith and the Exodus Dark layouts.

Also, I have added a third option. I think a lot of people are making this vote based off of what they like the best rather than what they think is best for the DB: a layout that gets the most members. As of right now, the Exodus layout takes about a minute to load on a modem and it doesn't fit on small resolution screens (which are about 11.5% of our visitors, or about 762 page hits in the last week). The third option will be so that the web staff and I can examine the stats more closely to determine what layout best fits our market and make a choice on that.

addition: There were 533 hits from a dialup connection last week...7.89% of the total.

Please vote again....thanks!

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