Jac's Blog and Menu target update


Jac's Blog and Menu target update

Hey all,

I don't need the poll to finish to be able to give into popular opinion. It's basically 2-1 that people want me to have a blog, so I may as well oblige.

The Cotelin Report

I've posted some stuff already and I think it will be a good outlet for some of the things I don't get much of a chance to talk about. I could probably fill up the news page every day with random and not-so-random musings, so this will be a good fill in for that.

I've updated the menu to reflect that. Also, by Arania's suggestion I have rebuilt some of the javascript functions so that I can have links open in new pages. The ACC, Forums, Blogs and Allies now do this. Let me know if you want any others to do the same.


Go Firefox! Tabbed browsing is the bomb.

In all seriousness, I will look for a solution to this dastardly problem. I should be able to get a cookie set up that tells me what you want.


Bah! IE...what good is it? Ok, I admit, I have to use it for a couple things (like Gmail and school stuff). I recommend a tab based browser. I think Firefox has that option. I personally prefer Opera (which has several other nifty features). They claim the free version means you have to have a banner ad in the top part of the browser, but I've not seen an ad in a really long time.


Can there be some option related to layouts that makes it so the links DON'T open in new windows?

Annoying feature to say the least when you've already got 5 things open on your status bar and IE stacks up :/

Firefox is incompatible for half the sites I need to access. I like the features it has for the sites that load/work correctly, but overall it's a hassle to have 2 browsers. IE gets a lot of bad press, but the others are just as flawed.

Cool work on the blog so far Jac. The random thoughts are very entertaining.

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