New Shadow Academy Course


New Shadow Academy Course

Ok, so it's not really new but, it is newly redesigned and reopened. Cruise on over to the Shadow Academy and take a look at the new and improved IRC Channel Operator Studies course!
<p align="left">EDIT: If you don't see the course listed under General Studies, hit refresh/reload on your browser and it'll show up.</p>

You don't have to retake the exam if you already passed the old one. The person who originally wrote the exam asked that it be removed, so we had to oblige, since it was his work. Korras wrote up this new one.

The exams cover the same info, more or less.

I don't know why I'm asking this, but...for those of us who took the old version of the course before it went oflfine, must we retake it? Or is it the same stuff, but just updated?

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