Aranna incident: Events - Week 2


Aranna incident: Events - Week 2

Events – week 2

Due to something I did not notice – no end date listed for the events of week one – I am extending the deadline to the midnight of may 4th. So, if I have it in my inbox on may 5th when I wake up, it counts.

Now, the events for this week:

As the events turn, two groups form. Tarentum and Naga Sadow on one end, Plagueis and Scholae Palatinae on the other. Both get ready to fully obliterate the other side.

Grading: doability, reality, usage of available resources, side material.
Scoring: 150 points for the winning side (IE: 2 clans get 150 points each).
Format: whatever suits your need.
Note: this means two battleplans will be turned in: one for CNS/Tar, and one for CP/CSP, so cooperation will be needed.

A change of plans. You’ll just have to deal with it.
Fiction guidelines as seen on the feud site apply.

an XWA / XvT SP mission, and possibly a JO/JA SP map will be released in the coming week.

And, of course, the usual gaming.

everything above, except the SP stuff, is due in one week from now.

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