Announcements - Sith High Warrior


Announcements - Sith High Warrior

G'day Everyone, and Happy December. I'll get to my report in a little bit, but first I want to say... I WANT SOME BLOODY SNOW! This is getting a wee bit ridiculous :P

Anyways, onto the Announcements.

1: This weeks Sith Orders were completed by everyone except House Tridens of Tarentum. Alvaak's Sith House reported, but needs to change their fighters and get back to me. Please hurry with this people, the sooner I know what I'm working with, the sooner I can figure out what I'm doing!

2: The SHW Site is pretty much at a standstill. I've been extremely busy this week with school work, and trying to get a page programmed for my business, that I've had almost no time to do recreational webpage programming. I'm hoping to shut out the dreary world this weekend, and at least get a HTMLed version of the site up. The news page will be ASPed though, w00t!

3: I sent the proposal for The Sith Wars to Firefox and Astatine yesterday. Hopefully they'll get back to me soon, and I can start planning that competition to the spectrums which they let me. Look forward to seeing more information soon!

4: DB Wide Multiplayer evenings. Right now, the DB offers 2 Multiplayer Nights which host all 3 supported Multiplayer StarWars Games in the DB (JK/XvT/XWA). If you would like details on these competitions, send me an email, and I will email them to you!
However, the DB needs MORE such competitions. I would like to see a Clan host a competition every day (coincidentally, the DB has 7 clans) of the week! If you would like some help setting up a competition, please email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] I have some experience with this sorta thing, so I'd be glad to help!

5: Hrm... I think that's about it... oh wait! If you have any ideas, comments, complaints, or just all around... well, yeah, ideas comments and complaints, feel free to email them to me!'

6: Also, look forward to a small Sith competition this Christmas season... it's gunna be a fun one... when I can think of what to do :P


Battlelord Keirdagh "Yacko" Cantor
Sith High Warrior of the Dark Brotherhood of Jedi


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