New Course, New Competition


New Course, New Competition

Greetings all-

As promised, there is a new SA course now available: Star Wars Astronomy. The course was written by Daniel Stephens and is located under the Onderon campus.
Edit (1:35 pm EST): as it says in the final question, we are aware that some planets do not have complete info just yet. If you're clan's info says it is "0 million kilometers" from its sun, you should choose an approximate number. See exam for more details.

Also, properly timed, we're running another milestone competition. As I write this, we're approaching the 2000th exam taken since I became HM. The people who take exams 1998-2002 will win the competition, with 1st place going to the 2000th exam, 2nd place 1999/2001, and 3rd place 1998 and 2002.

If you notice any problems with the course or anything in the SA, please e-mail me and it'll get fixed.

Yep; crescents all around. 3rd level to be exact

Whats the awards? Cresents is what Im guessing, but always good to know. =P

a very entertaining Course. Well done and thanks

Just enterd that exam to day :)

hope i pass

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