Announcements - Grand Master


Announcements - Grand Master

1) Lots of discussions on both the DC and the AoC. We're finally starting to look like a bunch of people working toward the betterment of the DB!

2) I have chosen a new OHC. It is OBM Sharad Hett. It was a rather difficult decision to make since Sharad is a bit unruly on IRC. However, he has promised to be on his best behavior and he is an outstanding Obelisk Quaestor. I believe he has the attitude and drive to lead the Obelisk into the future.

3) I have decided to fold back CoG into OHC until further notice. The Obelisk Order is rather weak at the moment and until that particular problem has been addressed, I think that Sharad can handle both positions without trouble.

4) SBL Kale Lobacz has resigned his position of Consul of Clan Naga Sadow. He felt that his performance wasn't quite up to par and that the Clan was suffering because of it. Astatine and I will be taking applications for the position. Until we make our decision (most likely by next weekend), KE Daihok will be leading the Clan.

5) I'd like to remind everyone that even if you don't have access to the option on the DB website, you CAN mail the MAA or the CHAN with any promotion or medal recommendation. Just make sure you write good ones, because the moronic recommendations will be ignored and will earn you the "Stare of Death" (tm).

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