Erinyes Promoted to Dark Side Adept!


Erinyes Promoted to Dark Side Adept!

Greetings, all.

Let us welcome tonight the newest in the class of Elders, Seraine "Erinyes" Ténama!

Erinyes is a longstanding member of the Brotherhood and has shown a great deal of loyalty and dedication. Her membership spans over nine years, six since her last promotion. She serves in a multitude of positions throughout the DB, including Fiction Tribune, ACC trainer, Battleteam leader, Alacrity Writer. She is, as her Consul says, "everywhere." Her enthusiasm is hard to surpass and most can't keep up with her output. I've learned this first-hand with the Alacrity project. She's created so many documents, that even Troutrooper and I both have had trouble editing them.

Erin is a great asset to the DB and in her roles she will continue to push the limits. She has done a great job as Fiction Tribune and has helped her Clan and the DB in so many other areas. I am proud to make her a Dark Adept.

Congratulations, Erinyes.

Lord Jac Ae-Sequiera Cotelin Taldrya-Cantor

Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Congratulations Erinyes!

zomg...congrats :P

FINALLY she'll stop bitching about a promotion. :P

Congrats. ;)

Congrats :)

struts for Erinyes Hey... now you're higher in rank than little old me :P

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