Under construction no more


Under construction no more

Ok, I've gone through the database and organized the courses by campus. Your ID line will now reflect the new ordering. Where possible, I shortened course abbreviations in order to save space.

Reading them is fairly simple. Each of the four campuses has their own code range, which means all of the courses of that campus are grouped together. The first course in each campus has an extra letter or two to indicate what campus it "leads." The leading courses are the three Core exams and the Test of Lore (General Studies).

Here's an example: "KS: ToL-IRC-IRO- K: OCORE-MRK" tells you that from Khar Shian (General Studies), the person has passed the Test of Lore, IRC Basics, and IRC Operator; from the Karana (Melee and Ground Combat) they've passed the Obelisk Core and Marksmanship.

You know you've reached a new campus when you have the letter followed by a colon (with the exception of a few things like the degrees- more on those at a later date, so don't ask).

And yes, I know it isn't perfect. If you don't take the "lead course" but take something else from the campus, you don't get the letter and colon. But, that's the best I can do for now. It saves a lot of space by doing it the way I did it.

i like it, good work ;)

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