Competitions page redone


Competitions page redone

Wow, this small project turned out to be bigger than I thought. Yes, the new competition page is up.

The link on the navigation was kindly updated by Jac.

It includes a lot of new features:
- a search tool, that lets you search competitions by creator, title, unit, date and status (approved | pending)
- sorting (simply press those little icons) by creator, ...
- paging (50 competitions per page are shown)
- list was extended, now giving these informations: Title, submitter, unit, star date, end date, status

I hope you will enjoy this new feature ;)

And Jac.... thanks for all your input, help and putting this live.


now thats pretty damn sweet, rock on Sil :) (and Jacoo)

Finally an awesome competition page! Thanks Xia and Jac!


Yay! Another nifty feature that makes the site better!

Thanks Sildrin and Jac.

Me likey....

Very nice work! This helps a lot. :)

Great work. Been waiting for a format like this.


fantastic, thank you very much :D

Looks Great, nice work guys!

wow it looks great :D great job!

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