Outer Rim War 3 Begins...


Outer Rim War 3 Begins...


I am pleased to announce that after overcoming certain obstacles and time issues, Outer Rim War 3: The Subterrel Conflict has been fully prepared and is ready to start on the weekend of 3rd / 4th February! The tournament will go on for a few weeks, depending on which factions wins it first.

For those who don’t know what the ORW is, all the details are located in the main website: http://www.orw3.net/ . Please refer to the rules page for a full layout of the organization. But to summarize it, the ORW is a large scale inter-club battle, with 8 clubs split in three factions (DB is Sith Faction). The key word of the event is gaming. Almost all SW platforms are accepted: JA, JO, BF, BF2, RC, XvT, XWA, SWGB and EaW.

The ORW will take place in #outerrim each weekend from Saturday 9 AM EST to Sunday midnight EST. Players aren’t allowed to play with someone in their own club, but can play members of other clubs for 3 games per each platform.

To signup, use the same method as in ICTE, with a slight change: type !signup <game> <XvY>. For example, !signup JA 1v1, !signup JA 2v2, etc. Please use the bot for all games, even teams, for it can do a maximum of 4v4 signups (thanks to Merlance). Match reporting will be done by e-mail to this address: [Log in to view e-mail addresses] . I’d ask that all the scores be reported to that address to make things easy for the moderators.

The rewards available for ORW are significant. After every event, a spreadsheet is produced displaying the wining faction, and the top clubs based on ORW points system. As an addition to this, I will use the data and make a separate sheet based on CF counts (DB system applies). Every player will receive their CFs after each weekend, and as a bonus, if an event has over 50 participants, the top three positioned players will receive First Level Crescents! With a Diamond Crescent as a possible reward, I’ll expect to see you all in #outerrim each weekend starting February 3rd. Every single match counts towards our club’s position, and more importantly, our faction. So whether you’re a seasoned vet or you’ve just installed JA, come to #outerrim and fight for our club and our faction in a historical event!


Yes, folks, the EH will be in attendance, but the real fun of the ORW is the inter-club competition. I remember the first two ORWs and how much fun it was knocking off RS'ers. Playing against rival Clans is good fun, but playing against rival clubs is awesome.

I'll probably be active in the RS side as well, a bit.

How do I go about that? What's the best way to be active with the dual citizenship dilemma?

By playing in different weeks. Well, the nick added with the club ID will identify and differ it, especially on the records, in those respective weeks. One week here, one week there, for example

You say the EH is there, yet I see on their websites no mention of this competition. ooh, participation will be high on their end.

Thank goodness for the GE and RS who regularly turn up now.

The EH have confirmed attendance to the ORW, of course it's up to their leaders to inform the members about it...

Since there only memebers left are the leaders, that probably isn't gonna happen.

As I understand they just congratulated a LT for being promoted to LCM. On the TC news page.

Thats sad.

Ha...I didn't notice that. It's true.

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