Clan Feud: Scholae Palatinae versus Arcona


Clan Feud: Scholae Palatinae versus Arcona

Festivities kick off today - January 28th, 2007 - for the much anticipated Clan Feud between Arcona & Scholae Palatinae.

Details concerning Plot, Events, Rules & Judges are located on our Feud Web Site.


Again, special thanks to Phoenix & Koskian for creating the plot! Props to Mejas & Orv for whipping together the web site! And a special thanks to those whom signed up as Judges for the events!

Let the war begin!

We tear the Arconan's limb from limb! (with the exception of Koskian who has no limbs) :P

Tarentum will pwn you all! Rawr!!!


I recall both Tarentum and Arcona falling prey to Taldryan last year...

Good Luck Arcona....

Scholae Palatinae’s challenge: You better bring it !
Arcona’s reply: Oh, it's already been broughten !

Etah - ROFL!

Yea, it does seem that juvenile at times :-p

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