New Justicar: Kir Katarn


New Justicar: Kir Katarn

Greetings folks,

I'm pleased tonight to announce the ascension of Kir Katarn to the position of Justicar. I nominated Kir for the position and after a not-so-well-conducted-by-me confirmation process, Kir was approved by over 3/4 of the Dark Council. The vote was a eye-opening process that the DC is now looking to rectify for the future through an amendment to the Covenant.

Anyway, most of you should know who Kir is. He was the Deputy Grand Master before Goatham. He had to leave due to his job in RL, but he has since quit that job in November (without the intention of getting another) and returned to active duty.

Kir has a great sense of what needs to be accomplished within the Chamber of Justice. He has previously worked as a Hand of Justice and helped to shape the Chamber through his appeals panel proposal and work as Consul then DGM. He knows where the Judicial system has been lacking and has a vision to ensure it functions properly, and most importantly, in a timely fashion.

Kir has some big tasks ahead of him, including retrieving and organizing the documentation of past claims and cases, getting the CoJ website operational, getting some clarifications made to the Covenant, working out more procedures for trials (specifically our rules of evidence), and he already has a few cases to go through. It won't be an easy job, but I am confident that Kir will execute it in an expeditious and impartial manner.

I extend my gratitude to the other seven candidates who applied. The field of candidates was wise and experienced; I took a lot of effort to consider the possibilities (perhaps too much ;P). A lot of the applicants mentioned some good innovations in their applications; I will be communicating those ideas to Kir so he might get the applicant's input and help in executing the ideas.

So, Congrats, Kir! Now get to work!



Congrats, Kir! We all look forward to a long, prosperous reign as JST.

Congrats. ;)

Congrats, Kir. :D

congrads kir, I couldn't think of a better man for the job!


Gratzi Kir!


(A few people will get this. :P)

Congratz Kir :)

Just Kir.


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