Fishing back in SWG


Fishing back in SWG

lol cool :)

I fail to see how these recent SWG posts address the entire brotherhood, i.e. qualify as news posts.

So do I. Especially considering that only 59 members are in the PA, and only about half of them are active.

First off, allow me to explain that the PA is part of the General DJB, if anyone has checked the DBPA forum they will see that no matter how many PA members are active or not we have great activity in our MB board. Plus if anyone is not interested in any of the PA news post simply do not bother in reading the links that i have added. No one is forced to click on the link, those that are interested will do.

Plain and simple-

I don’t play SWG, but then again I don’t game at all.

I ignore DBPA messages like I do ICTE and gaming messages.

I love how people have to bitch under every News thing they don't care bout.
And, nice Raid, keep up the good work :P

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