Plagueis Consul: Orzon


Plagueis Consul: Orzon

Congratulations to the new Clan Plagueis Consul, Archpriest Valerian di Plagia Orzon. I have known Orzon for a very long time and I have always been impressed by his dedication and desire to improve his environment.

Orzon's selection was a no brainer, having the support of his Clan, the support of his predecesor, and having created a fantastic application. Great work Orzon! Now get to work :p

Congrats, Orzon. I recommend ruling through fear and terror :P

All praise and glory to the new CONman of Plagueis. :p

I whole-heartedly support this. Orzon is a great guy to work with. He'll do very well.
cheers, Mac

Congrats Orz!



Congratulations, Orzon. :)

Thanks everyone!

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