ORW Results


ORW Results

Hey all,

Another ORW Event just finished, this was the fourth week of the tournament. Sith faction, composed of basically just DB couldn't win it to make 2 in a row, we ended up in second spot, just on top of the Imperials by a handful of points. The Rebels were in good shape this weekend, and managed to win by quite a large margin in the end. We may have lost this round, but there a few more to go, we still have 5 planets, tied with the Rebs, while the Imperials only have 2 planets left until they're eliminated. Note that if a faction wins it captures a planet from each of the second and third placed ones, and once a faction loses all its planets it can't win any back.

This last edition was not as bad as the scores may reflect, we had great participation, 28 people came out which is excellent, and we had quite a good performance from most of the players. But well, you win some you lose some. Congrats to Odin for topping the individual ranking, he gets a Diamond and a PoB for his gaming, along with a new custom robe from our very own Herald.

All the results are at www.orw3.net, if you'll take a moment and click some of the links there. Lots of data for all you statistics lovers (like me). Next event starts Saturday 9 AM EST, running for the full weekend in #Outerrim. Come out and give it your best shot, even if you think you'll lose, it's a shame to miss out on the fun and the CTF matches :P

See you all next weekend, good luck and have fun!


Just a note, the top three DB'ers we all from Tarentum....Tridens in fact...


Good news for all you ORW lovers... if the Imperials win next week we're all back to where we started! YAY.

We'll just have to make sure they don't win won't we? ;)

Way to post two comments that aren't important, Storm :P

Why yes, Tridens is the best House in the DB! How did you know? :P

Tridens the best house.......Try along the lines of Clan Taldryan's house's. Those are pure PWNAGE

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