Slight Change to SA Trivia


Slight Change to SA Trivia

Due to a scheduling conflict (that is, for two free meals I sold myself to help the school with a major potential student drive this Saturday), I want to offer an option other than just throwing some trivia up on the message board. Here’s the deal:

Tomorrow (Friday) evening, I will post some trivia questions on the message board. You’ll have until Monday to get answers in for those. However, I will also push the IRC trivia back to 3:30 pm EST (1530 for those on 24 hour time) for this Saturday only. You may participate in only one of these two trivia events. And yes, they’ll be different questions from what’s on the message board.

So, to recap: two trivia events this weekend. One will be message board and e-mail based while the other will be the standard IRC based event. Choose whichever one works for you and go with it. If this proves popular, I may continue to offer dual trivia events. No promises, though.

Go read Sarin's report and Kir's post, too.

As a whole that is a good idea especially for those who are stuck with the message board maybe having it set like that would insure activity?

Well, asides from working out for this particular Saturday, this can be an experiment in the whole dual trivia offerings. Really, the only hard part is coming up with two sets of questions so that people can't trade answers around, or get the questions in advance. But, I'll work on it.

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