New CoJ SA Course!


New CoJ SA Course!

Thanks to the work of the HM and his staff, the Judicial Certification Course has been posted in the Shadow Academy. You can find it in the Khar Shian (General Studies) Campus under, “Chamber of Justice.”

This is not a standard SA test – the notes are long and the concepts can be somewhat complicated, and the course test is also lengthy and makes you apply the knowledge you've obtained to answer some hypothetical justice situations.

Passing this course will be required if you wish to obtain a seat on the Chamber of Justice in the future. Also, those members who have previously served in the Chamber and wish to do so again must also complete the exam so we can establish a common basis of knowledge.

I also recommend that everyone takes the time to review the course material (even if you don't take the test) to obtain a better understanding of how the Chamber of Justice works. Not many people are privy to Chamber proceedings, so this is a good way to figure out exactly what it is that we do.

Judicial Certification Course

Yay! Finally, a challenging exam!

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