ORW Spam!


ORW Spam!

Hey all,

As you have noticed your inboxes were attacked yesterday by a new medal, the Seal of Dominance. This medal rewards the work of everyone who participated in the Outer Rim War 3, and it marks the end of the tournament medal-wise. I want to thank each player who helped DB throughout the comp, and I hope you all enjoy your Seal, who knows when you'll get a chance for another one ;)

With the help of Odin Vaaj we have prepared a special spreadsheet regarding ORW players. You can find it here. It's a good read for all the statistics lovers :)

With the ORW over, ICTE will resume the weekend after this, on April 7th. We hope to see more clubs involved after the conclusion of the War, so for those of you who forgot about the event, come to #Outerrim on April 7th, and have some fun without the pressure of a real vendetta.

Important notice: The website has been moved to www.icte.darkjedibrotherhood.com. Nothing changed about the site...yet. :P

See you all next ICTE, enjoy your medals!


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