Bryar Bowl II - Round One


Bryar Bowl II - Round One

We hit 32 players this week. Everyone has been paired up randomly. We have every Clan represented besides CNS and we even have three Dark Council members playing. The first Round starts now and runs for a week. Report all matches to myself. We are awarding CFs for this so if you count these matches for a Gaming Night, the ICTE, or SIT as well you need to note that. Rules are on the website. Enjoy the bryars!

Competition Website

For Taldryan,

Obelisk Primarch Duga Taldrya Arkarso
Consul and Son of Clan Taldryan
Planetary Viceroy of Karufr, Regent of the Kr'Tal System

For freedom!!!!

I am the first to get kicked out!!!!!!!!!

Wow, that is very sexy.

Woo Taldryan!

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