Gaming Nights & Ladder


Gaming Nights & Ladder

I'll be done quick with the SIT report. no-one won, no-one lost, and no-one played. I am taking that as a sign that people wandered outside to the sun (really, it won't kill you. at least not right away. :P), and had fun. also, I've been informed that it's exam time. for all that applies to: good luck. SIT will be back in two weeks.

Gaming nights this week are Tuesday and Thursday.

as for the Ladder:

some events have three people in the finals. in this case, all play eachother in the regular style, 3 matches up to five kills. whoever has most wins at the end wins. the second is runner up, etc.


Strategos, RevengeX and Sklib.

*JA: *

RevengeX vs. Wolvie

Ylith vs. Xayun

*BF2: *

Gavan, Malidir, Tyno.

all other events have concluded. medals will all be awarded at once. you have 2 weeks to complete these matches.

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