Dranik awarded an Amethyst Kukri!


Dranik awarded an Amethyst Kukri!

For all his hard work and dedication to the SA, Dranik has been awarded an Amethyst Kukri. A lot of you don’t see the work that Dranik does for the Shadow Academy mainly because he’s stuck in that position of being my assistant. This is never easy as I like to do a lot of things myself. But, Dranik has coded many of the newer exams, he created the Dark Vault (which we have plans for), and he’s been a capable praetor. Dranik has excelled at his job and this is a small token of my appreciation. He’s also forced me to learn (or relearn) some coding, so here’s to hoping that this attempt to post an image works.

Dranik, on behalf of the Brotherhood, I thank you for all that you’ve done. And I know that you know that there’s still plenty left to do.

Great Job Dranik!
In my oppinion, you deserve something more...

Thank you for your work, and congratulations on your award :)

Dranik pwnz.

He does, indeed. Congrats, Dranik.

Congratulations, Dranik! :)

Gratz man :)

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