Clan Plagueis Consul Open for Applications


Clan Plagueis Consul Open for Applications

Battlemaster Dacien "BubbaX" Victae has resigned as the Plagueis Consul due to real life circumstances. Bubba performed admirably and Plagueis is lucky to have him as a member and as a leader. Bubs, thanks for all your hard work!

Position Overview:

The position of Consul is integral to the Dark Brotherhood. As Consul, you lead one of Six Clans, the largest organisational unit in the Brotherhood. The Consul is the overall commander of those units, the face of a Clan with ultimate responsibility for those members falling on the Consul’s shoulders. Consul is the highest attainable position within a Clan, and as such, there is a degree of maturity and responsibility that one must have when becoming Consul. As overseer of any and all Houses in a Clan, the Consul ensures that all of its members are active and engaged while the various leaders within the Clan are meeting the needs of the members. A Consul will guide and direct the leaders in their Clan, training and helping those who are new to a position of power. Such training is key, as the Consul is charged with ensuring the long-term success of the Clan by having members trained to replace their generation. Communication with newer members is vital as well. Consuls must both welcome the newest members of the Clan while ensuring both Clan and House Envoys are maintaining their own high levels of communication. The Consul is also the voice of their Clan on the Dark Council, ensuring that information is passed along both ways so that neither party is kept in the dark. The Consul represents the Clan and its members in discussions and votes on important issues within the Dark Council. Lastly, the Consul must still be a source of activity for the Clan. Whether it be running his own competition or leading the Clan in Clan Feuds or DB-wide Vendettas, the Consul must make activity within his Clan a priority. Finally, a Consul will be expected to contribute to the ongoing projects that the Brotherhood has, as well as any Clan or House level special projects. When all is said and done, everything that you do as Consul should be for the betterment of your Clan.


-Be a member of the Equite Class

-Have a Great mIRC presence

-Have a 24 to 48 hour email turn around.

Your application should contain the following:

-Past Leadership Experience

-Near term and Long term goals for Clan Plagueis

-A brief explanation of why you would like to be Consul of Clan Plagueis

I will accept applications for the position of Consul of Clan Plagueis until 28 May. Please email them to me, Raken, and Muz with the subject line "Plagueis Consul Application". Thanks

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