DJBWiki Update - Time Periods


DJBWiki Update - Time Periods

For those of you who have character articles in the Wiki:

Today we finished up the Time Period articles, so you may notice that all links to a single year are now red links. What we have to do is manually direct them to the period article. The Staff is asking that if you have a character article, you go in and change it yourself. After that I'll fix the rest of them, unless someone curteous takes it upon themselves :P

The way you do this is simple. If you were born in the year 11 ABY, then you would type the following:

[[11 ABY to 19 ABY|11 ABY]]

Very simple. Just make sure you pick the right period, which are:

  • To 250 BBY

  • 250 BBY to 101 BBY

  • 100 BBY to 50 BBY

  • 49 BBY to 25 BBY

  • 24 BBY to 1 BBY

  • 0 BBY

  • 1 ABY to 10 ABY

  • 11 ABY to 19 ABY

  • 20 ABY to 25 ABY

  • 26 ABY to Present

Also, ACC weapons have been added to the Wiki. Check them out here.


DJBWiki Staff/P:MAA

Thanks. After you put in the [[]] code, then your page should say just the single year. The difference is that when you click it, it sends you to the period article.

That's the same code for linking a word to another page, so some of you probably already know the result :)

Thanks to those who are helping the staff (mainly me) out by getting some of the changes done

Never mind, you can check out my wiki character article if you wish to see the suggested result. =)

Say, could you post a link to an already fixed character wiki to see what it'll look like after it's done and how to do it within its' context? Thanks!

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