Star Wars Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice


Star Wars Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice

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Star Wars Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice by Karen Traviss (Clone Commando Fame) was released this past Tuesday. It continues the story arc of Jacen Solo's progression to becoming Darth Caedus and Boba Fett's continued struggle as Mandalore. In the climactic finish, one of the most beloved Star Wars characters of all time becomes one with the force.<p>

If you enjoy Mandalorians, Sith, and the biggest Death in Star Wars since Chewbacca, this book might be for you. </p></p></p>

You know... I have a whole section of my report dedicated to stuff like this...

What?! I didn't know they had chosen the name! So is thisthr third in the series? Where he full takes his throne as Dark Lord of the Sith? (Or so he thinks, hu Sarin;)

I pity da' foo' dat wrote dis book.

I didn't see your report until after my post. haha

Karen Traviss is a horrendous writer. It's a shame this book fell to her instead of Allston.

Yeah, the chick on the cover is hella hot. Great way to sell books to geeks like me...I'm a fan.

Well what can I say... Mara Jade looks awfully good for a woman pushing 50 on the cover of this book.

I prefer not to read novels by authors who make death threats against paying customers and play the gender card upon every available opportunity. :P

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