GJW - MP Rules, Match Dodging, and Harassment


GJW - MP Rules, Match Dodging, and Harassment

Since the GJW has just begun in full swing and I've already begun to receive complaints - I wanted to remind everyone about the MP rules and match dodging in particular. All the rules for multiplaying can be found in the
Rites of Combat
, everyone participating in the MP'ing portion of the GJW should review these rules.

Specifically about match dodging - our current policy is if you dodge matches you will be warned, banned for one week, and then banned for the remainder of the GJW (Banned only if the accusation can be proven). Due to the difficulty of proving match dodging, warnings will be given liberally - however if you follow the Rites and are available in #dbgaming, warnings won't be a problem.

GJWs tend to bring out the best and the worst of our members, so I just want to remind everyone that harassment in GJW channels and on DB servers are not permitted. Violators of this policy will be punished and risk losing their ability to continue competing in the GJW.

As always, please email all complaints to me and I will investigate and deal with any situations that arise, but please try not to let the competitive fervor get too out of control - these competitions are about fun, so let's try to make sure everyone has at least some of it.

Important Addition!!
_All multiplayer matches must be arranged via IRC in #dbgaming. Due to abuse, no more ad hoc matches may be arranged on the server. _

what exactly do you mean by harassment? Some consider asking for a match harassment, explain in greater detail.

There was someone running around the Tal JO server force gripping and killing people who were on their way back to duels. That is pretty clear harassment.

No one is going to report you for asking for a match, I'm sure... Just try to be sensible, and keep in mind that some people might not find things as funny as you do.

Sad how this always happens.....and yet the Gaming Tribune, who is in charge of "Gaming" for the DB doesnt have more authority to do something (Per Korras's news post earlier)

Dont get me wrong Kir/Sarin/Muz it happens, mostly when it seems you guys are not around, we all know rl if first and foremost....but sheesh, a solution to this needs to happen, as it just doesnt affect one person, it effects full clans...as in lost points and what not and a ban/warning just doesnt solve the problem all the time.

Good luck with dealing with all the complaints.....sadly as how its just been 2 days into the GJW

Mav is exactly right in his explanation, and also when I receive a complaint I don't just blindly respond, I decide whether the complaint has merit before I proceed, so don't worry about frivolous stuff.

And Smoke - the server admins all have the power over their servers, and can moderate them as they see fit. In addition to that, if problems arise and the GM/DGM/JST aren't here, members can seek out the next highest DC member to resolve the issue - and if there are not any around, they can email us, we all check our email constantly throughout the day.

We react to situations that arise in the quickest possible way, it's true we cannot be around 24/7, but the small delays shouldn't be that bad. And also, this is the beginning of a competition, we always have a lot of complaints at the beginning, but they taper off after things get going, so it's expected.

i wish that the rule was not necessary either. Unfortunately, we've already seen a lot of abuse, so something had to be done to quell that. In a perfect world, good gamers wouldn't feel inclined to pad their scores by bottom-feeding, and only fight people of similar skill levels, letting the lower skilled people fight amongst themselves.

However, in so doing, a lesser skilled member might accrue a better score than the high-skilled counterparts, and then, the score is no longer a good indication of skill or activity. I think we can all appreciate the difficult nature of balancing skill and participation. As it sits, this system is the best that the consuls and DC were able to come up with, given the lack of a skill stratification in gaming (and yes, there has been a lot of talk regarding getting that going, fyi)

And normally, Korras would have the power to do something himself. However, he is Proconsul of Tarentum. While I and Sarin have faith that he can act impartially, we've opted to make it so that there is no possibility of people complaining about favoritism.

Hope that clears some things up a bit, or at least explains the why a bit better.

Morgan - trust me when I say I know that the rule works both ways, and I understand that it can be very frustrating for novice players I actually wish the rule wasn't necessary at all, but unfortunately some of our members have shown that they will take advantage of any opportunity, no matter how it effects their fellow members.

Also remember that there is a cap on the number of matches you can play one person in a time period, so that really good player shouldn't be able to play the new player so much that it demoralizes him - just a few matches here and there.

I dont see much point to the rule either. The way the ladder is setup encourages players to be very selective about who they play. Match dodging is the inevitable result...

I actually agree with Smoke there. Giving Korras a bit more power to do something being gaming tribune is a good idea. One more person can only help the situation, not make it worse, and this is the Dark Jedi Brotherhood event of the year. :)

As for match dodging, to an extent, i agree. To an extent i think its a two sided rule. Just like people can avoid people they'll know can beat them, its used by people who know they can beat others. I'm sure people know this, and that its been brought up before. (A better way to put it, is that its used by some people o round of cattle for the slaughter :P)

Say for instance Mr. X isnt very good at JA, and end up playing the same people every day, for fear of match dodging, and loses to the same people, Mr X isnt want to going to play, yet - Losing all the time to the same people isnt fun.

Then again genuinly, if some one doesnt want to play another person, they'll just bugger off for an hour or two, to avoid playing them. So i dont see much point to the rule what so ever.

Great Jedi War's all about fun. :P

Sorry to rant or go on or anything....

Well, sitting in the #DBGaming channel, seeing people be harassed to play matches under threat of match dodging is just as bad, in my opinion. The fact it works both ways is just as bad if the rule didnt exist. The only diffrence is, people may have a chance to only play people who are thier level of skill in whatever game, instead of playing people who play constantly. :P

As bad that we must have a rule to eliminate "Match Dodging" its nessicary...I agree with why its there since we are all joined in a group of different ages...and sometimes people just dont know when to leave alone.

As for encouraging newer members to only play there skill level...thats just a double edge sword, for one youll never get any better. Yes it sucks losing all the time, but if you pay attention or ask questions..then you have a good chance of growth in gaming. Always playing the same group over and over again...well thats fine, and to each there own. But I had a fair share of losses and yes it did get discouraging but then I took that step to ask why was I always losing.......end effect, I got someone to show me a few tricks.

People will always be people, you cant fault them for wanting there clan to get ahead, so Korras I agree with why you opted out.....I still think that you can find a happy medium, even as going as far as making a spare moment to remind your clan the rules to eliminate that chance for them to mess up.

Just remeber this is the internet, for the good, the bad, and the ugly.....its suppose to be aabout fun during the GJW...and honeslty I think some of us forget that.

also, let me make one thing clear. mostly I made the decision not to become involved directly myself. why? because I might have to rule against my own clan. I'd then be in the situation where I'd 1) need my clan to win, and 2) have to kick my clan down. I'll pass for that, really. and before people start making claims that I can't be partial at all because of that: it's not like the effects of a SIT is the same as that of a GJW. :)

Well, thats how league's work, not ladder's i guess.

I personally think its more important to cultivate activity rather then skill. Simply because, we dont game outside the club in any degree.

Of course i'm sure some people think that skill is more important when playing 4 year old games with ever-declining participants. But i guess we cant do anything about playing 4 year old games, but perhaps we can increase peoples want to play those games without feeling that they're going to get constantly pasted by other people. :P

not necessarily. you could have a new bracket for every chapter of the GJW so people could play multiple times. likewise you could also have a weighted ladder so people at the top of the ladder get less points for playing people at the bottom of the ladder, so they have to play people near their own skill level to really get any decent amount of points. theres plenty of other options too im sure.

Not only does the current system encourage match dodging but it has no built in measures to prevent it. If you want to eliminate match dodging then run the event like a bracket tournament. Where failure to play your assigned matches results in a forfeiture.

Until then, you can expect people to match dodge, because for most players winning every match isnt viable and match dodging is the best option if they want their clan to do well. Dont blame the players, blame the system :P

If you run it like a bracket tournament, then people could only play once. WIth the system, people can play as much as they want. I personally see no problem with match dodging; if people don't want to play someone, they shouldn't have to. :|

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