Fiction Results: Round 1


Fiction Results: Round 1

The following scores indicate the top fifteen in each of round one's fiction events. The scores were calculated by averaging the scores of Muz, Sarin, Raken, and Anshar (in case you were wondering).

Broken Pride:

  1. Jac

  2. Trev

  3. Shin

  4. Xanos

  5. Alanna

  6. Lan

  7. Vail

  8. Oberst

  9. Welsh

  10. Bloodfyre

  11. Kaek

  12. Aabbs

  13. Chaos

  14. Cuch

  15. Gobhainn


  1. DarkSabre

  2. Jac

  3. Shad

  4. Lucien

  5. Shin

  6. Orv

  7. Ricco

  8. Telona

  9. Flechette

  10. Kosk

  11. Welsh

  12. Aabs

  13. Mav

  14. Impetus

  15. Locust

Congrats, all!

Congrats to all

I demand a recount! Obviously I'm much better than BF :P life

Yeah, whatever Jac! Everyone remembers your "Jaccy" competition web-pages and we all know you can't string three words together, never mid do enough to be winner and runner-up of a DJB-wide comep! This all smacks of favouritsm!

(Well done - good job mate! Wanna transfer to CSP afterwards? :P )

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