Puzzle 2: Embrace the Pain


Puzzle 2: Embrace the Pain

The second Puzzle event of the GJW will be released at 1300 (EST) on 29 July, 2007. Following the same method as the Round 1 Embrace of Pain Puzzle, the following Clan Heroes will be captured tomorrow at 1300:

  1. Vardar: Taldryan

  2. Karel: Tarentum

  3. Revenge: CSP

  4. Strategos: Arcona

  5. Aabsdu: Plagueis

  6. Raistlin: CNS

These Heroes will not be permitted to participate for their Clan in any GJW event other than the Puzzle until their Clans solve the Embrace the Pain. Good luck.

I'm a clan hero? How come I wasn't aware of this? :P

This would be almost flattering if I weren't, you know, forbidden to fight. Taldryan, do the puzzle so I can get back to it :P


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