Puzzle 2: Embrace the Pain


Puzzle 2: Embrace the Pain

The 2nd GJW Puzzle has been released:


Good Luck


  1. Tarentum
  2. Arcona
  3. Taldryan
  4. Plagueis
  5. CSP
  6. CNS

All Heroes are free to play

The Embrace the Pain rounds count for the Clans under the Poetry/Graphics/Other event, so Muz or Sarin just needs to add the points to the ladder for those according to whoever in each Clan got the correct answer in first.

Would it be possible to get a wargames/EoP ladder set up as a ladder, so we can track how our clan is doing? The first EoP event results weren't even posted on the DB site and I deleted the email. It would just be nice to have it in a central location.

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