Graphics event: The Whites of their Eyes results


Graphics event: The Whites of their Eyes results

Very briefly, here are the top fifteen placements for the Day Two Graphics Event.

1 - Sanjuro - CNS

2 - Orv - ARC

3 - Tsingtao - CNS

4 - Raven - CNS

5 - Sin - CNS

6 - Jac - TAL

7 - Cuch - CSP

8 - Maol - PLA

9 - Vodo - TAL

10 - Ricco - TAL

11 - Halc - TAL

12 - Shin'Ichi - CNS

13 - Gobhainn - TAL

14 - Flechette - TAL

15 - Makurth Mandalore - CSP

Congrats go out to everyone. Well done.

Yeah, I'd love to see the others! Here's mine:

Lies for a third time! My graphic was so obviously superior to everyone else's and it didn't even get win points.


Doh...that didn't work out well:

we will be hosting the top five entries for everything on the GJW site eventually. (hopefully before too much longer).

I respectfully agree. I mean, how are we supposed to flame the judges for their choices if we don't see the winning entries?

Is it possible to let the general membership see the top three entries?

Nice picture, Orv.

Congratulations to everyone!

/me anchors Karel

He didn't forget, anchors don't work in comments. :P Congrats folks!

Orv, you forgot thte second "

It should have been: Blah Title :)

Well done

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